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Cervantes Information Sheet 13/03/20 - For the best selection of Accommodation available in Cervantes. Closest Accommodation to the Pinnacles Accommodation surrounding the Pinnacles Turquoise Coast Accommodation, Tours & Information. Fully self contained holiday houses with ocean views.. We do no charge booking, reservation or credit card fees. You will find your perfect accommmodation choice. We offer grea rates. Offer early check ins and late checkouts. .
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Cervantes Information Sheet 13/03/20



                  Hello & welcome to cervantes


Looking for Accommodation?  We have the best selection of Accommodation bookable in Cervantes

 Cervantes Accommodation Services check out our website      www.visitpinnaclescountry.com.au

                  Why not do a Tour while here in our lovely area?  Fishing Charters. Lobster Factory 11-3.

                                   Sea Lion Tours, Pot pulling Tours. 4WD Adventures and more.

 Bookings in store or on Web www.visitpinnaclescountry.com.au   We do not charge booking or credit card fees.


We have an average population of 500 and our principal industry is

Rock Lobster Fishing and Tourism.

The average Mean Temperature for MARCH  is Max – 29.4, Min – 16.7c,  Rainfall – 14.4mm

Our township is named after an American Wooden 3 masted Whaling Vessel called Cervantes.

On 28th June, 1844 under the command of Captain Sylvanus Gibson, they anchored to do a spot of fishing.

A sudden gale sprung up and before there was time to get further from the coast, became grounded. The Hull

can still be seen on a clear day in front of the Cervantes Islands GPS (wgs84) S 30o 30.802' E115o 03.004,

Depth 4 metres. The Whaling Vessel was named after Miguel de Cervantes author of Don Quixote.  

In 1962, 505 hectares of the Nambung Reserve were allocated for the town site, which was gazeted

the following year. From there our streets and parks are named with Spain in mind.


E    A    T    I    N    G      /      D    I    N    I    N    G      O   U   T

Breakfast  –       Sea Shells Café 8-11,   Island Café 7am,   Europa Anchor Restaurant 7-10am    

Lunch  –   Cervantes Bar & Bistro – all day dining, Seabreeze Café BYO, Cervantes Country Club,

  Island Café,  Europa Anchor Restaurant, Seashells Café     

Dinner  –     Seabreeze Café BYO,   Cervantes Bar & Bistro  Europa Anchor Restaurant,

 Cervantes Country Club 6–8pm, Island Café 6–8pm,  

Mobile Betty Van Deluxe Coffee available most mornings near Lake Thetis turnoff         

Lobster Shack  Opening Hours: Shop 8am–5pm/ Fri-Sun 8am-9pm  Lunch 11am–3pm   Factory Tours 12– 3pm

Library – Located inside Recreation Centre. Open Tuesday 10-4pm, Thursday 4 - 6pm. No Internet access.

ATM Machine – Cervantes Liquor,   Country Club,      Liberty Service Station.

WIFI Internet Café    -  Seashells Café, Europa Café – conditions apply

Shopping –  Service Station, Main Hub of Cervantes on Cadiz Street.   Light Industrial Area.

Police – 9652 0600,    Medical Needs9688 7900,  Health Direct - 1800 022 222,  Fire – 96527 394

or for all Emergencies dial  000 – Mobile with No Service call 112.  Poisons Information 131 126,

Shire Ranger –96520 800,             National Park Office Ranger – 9688 6000.  Pinnacles Discovery Centre 96527 913

Radio Stations – tune into 99.5fm or 101.5fm       TAB  Cervantes Country Club

Waste Transfer Station & Dump    Open Monday – Saturday  8.30am – 12 noon,      Sunday 1.30 – 5pm

Church Services  Anglican- 3rd Saturday 3.30pm Fire Shed & Catholic-2nd Sunday 10.30am  Every month on Weston Street 

                           Wildflowers  –    You can see wildflowers all year round – blooming amazing. 

           Lesueur National Park (which is one of the most diversified areas of wildflowers in the world)      http://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/park/lesueur     Nambung & Badgingarra NP.   Just a simple stroll around our area and you            will be pleasantly surprised as to what Mother Nature gives us daily all year round. www.florabase.dpaw.wa.gov.au

Public Parks – Tables & Chairs, Toilets. Cnr. Aragon & Catalonia Streets.  South end Corunna Street

-(BBQ   also).   Weston Street.   Catalonia Park.   Tranquilo Park opposite Shops on Cadiz Street.

THIRSTY  POINT – West end of Seville Street. It is said it was named when the Army protected our coastline and there

was no drinking water to be found. Absolutely beautiful. Watch the waves criss cross, with the backdrop being beautiful

blue clear water and the Cervantes Islands. Very popular for Wind/Kite surfers.  Shower to wash sand off.  From here you

can go along the Walk Trail to Hansen Bay View Lookout.                     What a spot to watch the sun kiss the ocean.       

Sunset  6.39pm til                Last Light 7.03pm.        Full moon 08/04/20     New Moon 24/03/20 stars a bright                          

March: The Supermoon Rises! Watching a Supermoon rising is getting more and more popular each year. Choose a favourite location            where you can see clearly to the eastern highway and you’re all set for a great evening out. 

                                  Exploring our Wonderful National Park . . .

   DPAW ask that you leave your Pets at Light Industrial Area, Bradley Loop, Cervantes     (unless you have Companion Card) -  DPAW Office T 9688 6000  before entering these areas ........  Lake Thetis – 1.3km down Hansen Bay Road. This lake contains Stromatolites and Strombalites, one of   the earths’ oldest living life forms. There is a Walk trail approx 1.5km, with boardwalk and viewing areas. The lake has a water level that rises and falls with the tide- indicating a possible connection to the sea by seepage through an underground source. The circular mounds are up to 1m in diameter and 40cm in height. The lake water is 1.3 to 1.4 times more saline than normal seawater. Stromatolites produce oxygen. Without them we might not of evolved? Our lake was named after the sailing ship Thetis (R.Shoesmith nominated.)which was surveying our coastline in 1845 by J.W.Gregory.  For those keen on a Sunrise 6.19am, this is the place to be First light 5.55am.  The majority are under4water, but some can be viewed from the Boardwalk. The best examples are at the south western edge of the lake and during the drier months.  https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/site/lake-thetis  This is a delightful place to be out stargazing, and has excellent concrete pathways which are wide enough to set up telescopes. It’s protected from coastal sea breeze..Arrive before sunset The light from town is hidden at Lake Thetis.  Mobile coverage: Good  Sky Quality Meter Reading: 21.72 magnitude per arcsecond2 recorded at 3:30am on 18/01/19. 

    Kangaroo Point –   Approx 6km south on Indian Ocean Drive. Keep your eyes open for Kangaroos,it was named after them for a reason. View the wildflowers on the 2km unsealed road (suitable for normal cars) to the Point,    Car park and Beach.   BBQ, Picnic areas and Toilets are provided for your use. https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/site/kangaroo-point 

   Hangover Bay –      Inside Nambung NP Approx 10km south on Indian Ocean Drive. This beautiful bay is a must see for all visitors. Wildflowers are also on display and maybe even some of the local fauna. Clear blue water, great for swimming, snorkelling for fishing too.  Sometimes you can even catch a wave off the breakers.    

   Tables, chairs, Gazebos, BBQs , Toilets are all provided for your use . (Wheelchair Friendly)                    https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/site/hangover-bay       

   Pinnacles Desert Entrance –  Approx 11km south from Cervantes on Indian Ocean Drive, turn left and drive 6km on Pinnacles Road  /parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/sites/default/files/downloads/parks/20120320-pinnacles-entry-flyer-dl-print.pdf 

   $15 entry per vehicle. (08) 96527 913. Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is open daily 9.30am – 4.30pm,     yes, you will discover what is in many of the national parks in our area. Public Toilets  (Wheelchair Friendly)        GPS: -30.6035, 115.156         

   Pinnacles Loop open Daily . You can then drive or walk around a 4km unsealed loop which does not close and is open all year round (suitable for normal sized cars) or park your car and walk  (aprox 1 hour). https://walkingmaps.com.au/walk/4198  Marked bays along the way also enable you to park and walk. The Lookout is (wheelchair friendly) gives you a great overall view, it’s hard to believe you are only 6km from the ocean. The Pinnacles were mistaken for the ruins of an ancient city by Dutch sailors off the coast in 1700. The Pinnacles desert covers an area of approx 400  hectares and contains aeollian-limestone standing up to 3m high. Roughly cylindrical or fluted in shape, they have a diameter of 0.5 to 2m  Under moonlight and starlight is an iconic destination for visitors to bring their cameras to capture amazing astrophotography images. There are so many different photographic composition opportunities and in all directions. There’s no artificial light pollution however the sensitive lens of cameras will pick up the glow of Perth city to the south.  .                                                                       

                  Fishing - Back Beach, Lead Lights, Ronsard Bay, Off Corunna Road, where you can also drive onto the beach and launch your boat.       http://www.lobstershack.com.au/cervantes/beach-fishing/

  Boating - Launching Access to Ronsard Bay off Corunna Street. 8 knot speed limit for all boats within           200m off  Beach.                          


 Jetty/Groyne – End of Catalonia St. At night the Jetty is lit up, squid, tailor and herring can often be caught.                                 Please give way to the Cray fishermen.   www.fish.wa.gov.au

                         Europa Anchor on Aragon St. was retrieved off  the  Europa Ship which was wrecked off  the coast.    

         Walking –  Check out our new Art Trail, info sheet available in store. Cervantes Foreshore on Aragon Street

         Walk Trail aprox 4km one way Thirsty Point to Hansen Bay Lookout aprox 2kim down Hansen Bay Road

  Only 74 steps for a breath taking view of the coloured sands out at the Pinnacles, pristine white sand dunes, our Islands, coastline and Township. Take care whilst walking on beaches, Careless drivers are around.  .    

             Swimming – Cervantes is surrounded by Ocean, also Hangover Bay   Ocean Temp. approx 20.c

             Beach Combing checkout web     http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/Documents/education/beachcombers-field-guide.pdf 

               Sports –  Tennis Court Keys from Motel T 96527145.  CCRC Hire T 96527300,   Skate Park and Court.   

                Golf Clubs & Lawn Bowls hire from Country Club T 96527 054,  Home of  mighty Cervantes Tiger Sharks AFL  

                                April to August.  2019 CMCFL League, Reserves, Netball Champions   Scratch Match 28/03 V Northampton       

PetsDog Exercising Area (off lead, but in possession) Hansen Bay access off Barcelona Drive. Ronsard Bay      access of Corunna Road to be held on a leash.  Drop in store for a handy brochure especially for Dog Owners

Information for Dog Owners  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ce8c4e_04168063584844198689da361a784fa4.pdf

    Please drop in and see us, inside Pinnacles Post & News on Cadiz Street,   We are open  Every day  8am-5pm  


  www.visitpinnaclescountry.com.au  Tel# (08) 96527 700  Freecall 1800 610 660   Fax   (08) 96527 277

14-16 Cadiz Street, Cervantes WA  6511               Email  debbie@visitpinnaclescountry.com.au 


Stargazing Tip

Coming up is a “Supermoon”! This year, there are two full Moons popularly known as “Supermoons”. They rise in March and April.

The Moon’s orbit around Earth is slightly oval shaped or elliptical. So, every month there’s a time when the Moon is at its closest distance to Earth (at perigee) and another time when it is at its furthest distance from Earth (at apogee).

When perigee coincides with the full Moon, it’s popularly called a “Supermoon”. And when the Moon is at apogee? Well, it’s a “Micromoon”! Although these are not official astronomical terms, they certainly grab your attention which means we have more people heading outside to gaze up at the wonderful night sky.

When to look: 10th March 2020. Moonrise is at 7.25pm. The Moon will be at perigee and only 357,122 kms from Earth. The Moon rises in the east.

What else can you see in the night sky? www.astrotourismwa.com.au/stargazing/.

Where is the next Astrotourism event? www.astrotourismwa.com.au/events/.

What’s New for Astrotourism?

There are 15 Astrotourism Towns in the network across the Mid West and Wheatbelt regions and momentum continues to grow. Both regions have key competitive advantages that make it a draw card for visitors to experience a dark night sky.

There have been some reports of independent visitors and regular enquiries from bus tour operators being received. The question asked is “How can I include stargazing on my tour?” More work is underway to support the development of itineraries and tours. There are some business opportunities for local residents with an interest in astronomy.

The community stargazing events have been a real success. 2020 kicked off with an outstanding event in Wagin. A 50 strong crowd enjoyed learning more about what Astrotourism can mean to the local industry. Several residents brought telescopes for a quick lesson on how to use them. They’re now off and running.

Thank you to the Shire of Wagin for helping organise the event. It was also great to see five volunteers help out on the night. Thank you to Darren, Bryan, Alan, Lyndie and Katie.

If you have ideas to start a business or service to share the night sky, Carol Redford is happy to help get you started. Call 0427 554 035 or email stars@astrotourismwa.com.au.






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Holiday Break

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Cervantes and Jurien Bay will open the CMCFL season with a blockbuster clash on EASTER SAT 20th April showcasing sport in the region to the thousands of people that holiday in the area. It will coincide with 25 years of Football at Tiger Shark Park after we played Bindi Miling to open the venue in 1994. A return match will be played at Easter Saturday 2020 at Teddy Parkin Park in Jurien Bay.

All our games, including finals will be played on SATURDAYS  To eliminate byes, which are the Leagues biggest problem, the League has decided not to attend the Northern Colts and Landmark Carnivals for 2019 This decision was not taken lightly and home and away fixtures will now be played in their place.                     SPONSORS DAY - Our 23rd Sponsors Day will be held on SAT 6 JULY   LADIES DAY - T.B.A

Half of our matches are played on either public holiday weekends or during school holidays giving our kids away at school the chance to come home and help fill teams and play for their home town.

EASTER   SAT - 20 APRIL - V JURIEN BAY - HOME                        SAT 4 MAY v MOORA      AWAY    SAT 11 MAY v DANDARAGAN  AWAY

SAT 18 MAY v LANCELIN    HOME                                 SAT 1 JUNE v JURIEN BAY   AWAY         SAT 8 JUNE v MOORA   HOME   Back to Cervantes Weekend. 30, 20, 10 year reunion 1989, 1999, 2009 premierships . Legends match , Band and Fireworks

SAT 15 JUNE v DANDARAGAN    HOME                      SAT 22 JUNE v LANCELIN   AWAY       SAT 6 JULY v JURIEN BAY      HOME - SPONSORS DAY         SAT 13 JULY v MOORA     AWAY

SAT 20 JULY v DANDARAGAN    AWAY                         SAT 27 JULY v LANCELIN   HOME       FINALS SAT 10, 17, 24 AUGUST     GRAND FINAL SAT 31 AUG - MOORA

   Cervantes Tiger Sharks      2018         

2018 CMCFL Fixtures        21/04/18  Away at Lancelin    Sunday 06/05/18 Home V Moora   12/05/18 Away at Dandaragan    19/05/18 Home V Lancelin  26/05/18 Away at Jurien  02/06/18 Home V Dandaragan   09/06/18 Home V Dandaragan  sunday 24/06/18  Home V Moora    30/06/18 Home V Dandaragan   14/07/18  Away at Lancelin   22/07/18 Sunday Away at Dalwallinu  Sunday 29/07/18 Away at Moora   /08/18 Away at Jurien   11/08/18 1st Semi  18/08/18 2nd Semi  25/08/18  Prelim  Grand Final 1st September,   

The Cervantes Ship Wreck

Courtesy of lobster shack 02/11/17       The story of our little Western Australian coastal town is an historical tale.

Just two hours north of Perth, this town is known for its rock lobster, its fishing spots, and of course, Lobster Shack. But how did the town originate? Where did it come from?

It is actually named after a shipwreck! During the 19th century, whaling was a global industry with people setting sail from around the world to make their fortune.

Western Australia was a plentiful bounty for people who would risk the journey. The Cervantes ship, under the command of Captain Sylvanus Gibson, was one of these brave ships – one that would never return. The ship itself was named after the author of the infamous novel Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes (Ps This is why the streets names and parks of the town have a Spanish influence). Whilst anchored to do some fishing off the coast of Jurien Bay, a sudden wind came through and the ship was stuck fast. Three seamen from the boat arrived in Fremantle, exhausted, reporting the wreck. The Inquirer and Commercial News reported the incident on July 10th, 1844 stating:

‘On Saturday evening between eight and nine o’clock, three seamen belonging to the American whale ship Cervantes, of New Bedford, arrived at Fremantle in an exhausted state, and reported the wreck of that vessel upon an island in Jurien Bay, about 100 miles northward of this. Yesterday, the master, Captain Gibson, and some more of the crew arrived and stated that the vessel was wrecked on the 29th June and that one man had been left about 30 miles beyond the Moore River unable to proceed further, and that six others, after walking some distance with them, had returned to the wreck, with the intention of making their way here in a boat. The vessel was but a short time from America and had only about 10 barrels of oil. The master reports that the vessel is but very little damaged, and likely to remain in a perfect state for a long time. He has applied to the government to send the Champion in search of the missing men, and to bring the effects of himself and crew – an application which will doubtless be complied with. The poor fellows, who are of course, in a destitute state, have been provided for by R.M.B Brown Esq., the Resident Magistrate.’ Instead of trying to salvage the shipwreck, they sold it all off to buyers. The stores and whaling gear went for £155. The wrecksite was only later discovered in 1970 on a sandy bottom in only two metres of water. The wreck still today lies in two to three meters of water, about 0.5 miles west south-west of Thirsty Point. Even today, the quiet little fishing village near the amazing Pinnacles desert, is centred around the marine world. Once you’re in town, you will be able to see elements of the shipwreck scattered throughout the town (including the Don Quixote-esque anemometer at the entrance to the town). Opposite the Cervantes Pinnacles Motel, you will also find the Europa anchor retrieved from the ship Europe off the coast of Cervantes.

Jurien Bay Marine Park https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/sites/default/files/downloads/parks/jurien-bay-mp-brochure.pdf

Other activities in the area     https://www.visitturquoisecoast.com.au/bucketlist


JANUARY  Average Mean Temperature  Max   29.8.c Min  17.1.c      Rainfall 6.6mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours Scroungers Golf Australia Day Celebrations in the Park Consistent winds are ideal for Wind & Kite Surfers

Corporate Bowls on our new synthetic greens ) All welcome

FEBRUARY  Average Mean Temperature  Max   30.7.c Min  17.8.c      Rainfall 15.1mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Scroungers Golf  Consistent winds are ideal for Wind & Kite Surfers

Corporate Bowls on our new synthetic greens

MARCH  Average Mean Temperature  Max   29.3.c Min  16.5.c      Rainfall 13.9mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours Mens Golf Season  Scroungers Golf

Consistent winds are ideal for Wind & Kite Surfers  Corporate Bowls on our new synthetic greens

APRIL  Average Mean Temperature  Max   26.3.c Min  13.9.c      Rainfall 30mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Mens Golf Season  Scroungers Golf  Easter Fair

Anzac Dawn Service in Memorial Park  Watch a local game of football   CMCFL season begins

MAY  Average Mean Temperature  Max   23.2.c Min  11.8.c      Rainfall 78.4mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Mens Golf Season  Scroungers Golf

Watch a local game of football   CMCFL season begins

JUNE  Average Mean Temperature  Max   20.5.c Min  10.3.c      Rainfall 6.6mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Mens Golf Season  Scroungers Golf

Watch a local game of football   CMCFL

JULY  Average Mean Temperature  Max   19.4.c Min  9.4.c      Rainfall 114.4mm

Mens Golf Season  Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Scroungers Golf

Watch a local game of football   CMCFL

AUGUST  Average Mean Temperature  Max   19.8.c Min  9.3.c      Rainfall 80.4mm

Mens Golf Season  Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Scroungers Golf

Watch a local game of football   CMCFL Finals begins

SEPTEMBER  Average Mean Temperature  Max   21.1.c Min  9.9.c      Rainfall 45mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Mens Golf Season  Scroungers Golf

OCTOBER  Average Mean Temperature  Max   23.2.c Min  11.1.c      Rainfall 6.6mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Scroungers Golf

Cervantes Art Festival last weekend of October

NOVEMBER  Average Mean Temperature  Max   25.7.c Min  13.5.c      Rainfall 18.1mm

Indian Ocean Festival – Blessing of the Fleet  Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours

Scroungers Golf  Melbourne Cup Luncheon

DECEMBER  Average Mean Temperature  Max   28.c    Min  15.5.c      Rainfall 6.4mm

Rock Lobster Factory Self Guided Tours  Scroungers Golf

Corporate Bowls on our new synthetic greens

Our main recreation is swimming, fishing, picnic & bbq ing on our pristine blue Coast line.


Sunset/Sunrise           click on   http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/australia/perth

Western Australia       click on     http://www.westernaustralia.com/au/Pages/Welcome_to_Western_Australia.aspx

Other useful Links        PDF]Wildflower Country - Shire of Morawa

                                          Wildflower Country. Text and ... free overnight camping/caravanning and information sites. ... locals, and volunteers at the visitors centre for updated information.

Contact the Western Australia Visitor Centre on +61 8 9483 1111 or visit:


Cervantes was named after a ship was wrecked nearly which was named after author Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish writer who is widely regarded as the greatest writer of Spanish language and one of the worl’s pre-eminent novelists. His major work ‘Don Quixote’ was the first modern novel and still today, considered the best works of fiction ever written.The ship, Cervantes, was originally built as a whaling brig with one deck, square stern and a billet head. It was copper fastened and had a coppered bottom. It was built in 1836 in Bathe, Maine, and registered in that port on 4 October 1836. The first whaling voyage to Western Australia had taken place in late 1841.The Cervantes was anchored in Jurien Bay and the crew were fishing when a gale blew up. Before the vessel could make sail and weather the gale out at sea it was driven on to a sand-bar. The crew got ashore, and three of them arrived in Perth on 6 July 1844 to report the loss.The wreck peacefully rests in two to three metres off water and 0.5n WSW of Thirsty Point, with timbers from the boat found on Cervantes beach in 2002.Today the town thrives from dual industries: fishing and tourism. Boasting white sandy beaches and turquoise waters teeming with marine life, Cervantes is a popular choice for fishing holidays and relaxed family getaways. Crayfish are in abundance between November to June and is only a 15 minute drive to the spectacular Pinnacles. These amazing natural limestone structures, some standing as high as 5 metres, were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago is a major attraction for people around the world.

SANDBOARDING - head upto Jurien Bay - Tiges Surf Shop $25.00 all day Sandboard Hire - Sandy Cape


Shire Logo current as at 121107

5 April 2016      New Free Nature-based Campsites in the Shire of Dandaragan   Unanimous support was given by the Councillors of the Shire of Dandaragan at their March Council Meeting to endorse six Shire Reserves as rest areas for nature-based camping. Of the six sites presented to Council, three are available as free camps for up to 72 hours and the other three sites are available as 24-hour rest stops. The sites are existing rest stops within the Shire but all had been previously designated picnic areas with no overnight camping allowed. Shire President Leslee Holmes said the Shire was keen to provide camping facilities for all types of travellers and encourage longer stays in the region. “Our Shire has so many beautiful natural assets that appeal to travellers and having camping options including caravan parks, recreational and transit parks, private property camping, overflow camping in peak periods and now free camping appeals to a broad range of the traveller market and we look forward to welcoming them all. The seventy-two hour campsites we have endorsed are not just carparks on the side of a busy road either, they are beautifully shaded and peaceful places that would be a pleasure for self-contained campers to enjoy the serenity of the bush.” Shire Chief Executive Officer Tony Nottle added: “The Shire was aware of the lack of overnight rest stops in our region and travellers had raised concerns, particularly about fatigue management. Endorsing overnight rest stops allows self-contained travellers to arrive late and then potentially spend the next day enjoying our Shire, which encourages increased spending in small businesses and is a boost for our local economies, rather than travellers not stopping at all.” The sites endorsed for 72-hour nature-based camping are:

  • Drummonds Reserve, Bibby Road  GPS: S 30° 29’20.7” E 115° 26’04.7”  4.29km west of Brand Highway  45.1km east of Indian Ocean Drive

  • Wandoo Reserve, Jurien East Road GPS: S 30° 28’5.8” E 115° 21’21.6” 16.47km west of Brand Highway 31.79km east of Indian Ocean Drive 

  • Tuarts Reserve, Cervantes Road GPS: S 30° 25’03.0” E 115° 08’20.1” 40.26km east of Brand Highway 9.19km west of Indian Ocean Drive

The sites endorsed for 24-hour rest stops are:

  • Hakea Reserve, Bibby Road  GPS: S 30° 28’05.8” E 115° 21’21.6”  12.26km west of Brand Highway  37.19km east of Indian Ocean Drive

  • Banksia Reserve, Cervantes Road  GPS: S 30° 23’32.86” E 115° 10’50.86”  35.31km west of Brand Highway  14.14km east of Indian Ocean Drive

  • Smokebush Reserve, Jurien East Road GPS: S 30° 13’27.6” E 115° 14’16.6” 10.6km west of Brand Highway 37.66km east of Indian Ocean Drive

Each site has rubbish bins provided but all campers must be otherwise fully self-contained with their own drinking water and portable toilet facilities with holding cassettes for waste. In the near future the Shire will install new signage outlining the camping policy in each reserve to replace the existing ‘No Camping’ signs. An outline of the new camping facilities, as well as a Camping Map and the Shire’s Camping Code of Conduct can be found on the Shire’s website: http://www.dandaragan.wa.gov.au/camping-information.aspx  For further information please contactthe Chief Executive Officer, Tony Nottle on 9652 0800  Shire of Dandaragan - Bashford Street, Jurien Bay WA 6516Ph. (08) 9652 0800Fax (08) 9652 1310